Kibbutz Shoval January 30, 1998

[translated from Hebrew]

What a joy you were in our lives, Yonatan. Again and again we were surprised, enjoyed with you and suffered with you when you suffered. And when you were pleased you pleased us so much. You even left for us people who try to cheer us up. Friends who return so much of the love you gave and soldiers who look after us so nicely, who we so love now.

How warm was your smile and your love. How wonderful it was with you. How hard to want to continue without you. In the fall of '96 you spoke of your possible death and you hoped that after it we would return to our full lives, enjoying what we enjoyed before. I told you we would try and that it would surely take a long time. And today it is clear that time has no meaning. Sometimes it seems to me that ten years have passed, and sometimes only a few days since I touched you, since I felt the warmth of your body.

We miss you terribly. At every moment your name is on the tip of my tongue. Your memory is before my eyes, separating me from reality. I love you with all my heart. Mum.

Susie, Yonatan's mother

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