Kibbutz Shoval January 30, 2002

[translated from the Hebrew by Maya]

5 years without him
and he hasn't seen me grow
hasn't seen his friends
hasn't made new friends
won't hug mother again

60 months without him.
and he hasn't heard new songs
hasn't invented new dances
hasn't told the same jokes again
won't hug father again

not 712 not 1,068, 1,825 days without him
and he hasn't cried any more
hasn't laughed, loved, kissed, smiled
and hasn't hurt any more
and he won't hug his grandparents again

43,800 hours without him.
and he hasn't heard the radio any morehasn't switched channels
hasn't talked on the phone any more
won't hug his friends again

2,628,000 minutes without him
and he hasn't come home again
hasn't tickled me
hasn't watched t.v. again
won't hug boaz again

157,680,000 seconds without him
and time doesn't go fast
and the missing him overcomes us
and life goes on
and he won't hug me again

Maya (Yonatan's sister)

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