Kibbutz Shoval January 30, 1998

[translated from Hebrew]

Yonatan, a year has passed and you're not here. Everyone misses you. The justice, the support, the love, all wrapped like a gift that was taken away a year ago. An important gift, a treasured gift, this gift is no longer. A gift that you don't receive a second time.


We have each other, but without you it's not the same. You know that there is always a place in the heart of several people for you, Yonatan, dear brother. If it was possible, I would want you to return here - a place to which you will never return.

I hope you are out there. I hope you are looking after the guys there - Rotem, Niv. I hope that you are looking after yourself. I just want you to sit on a cloud and look at us. I hope that you are happy there like you were here.

We dreamed of you a lot but the dreams did not come true. We talked about you a lot but you weren't here.

Maya (Yonatan's sister)

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