Kibbutz Shoval January 30, 1998

[translated from Hebrew]

Beloved Yonatan, a year has passed without you and you are so missed here. I miss your sureness of purpose, the confident look in your eyes. I miss your courage, your daring. I miss the serious talks with you, and also the jokes. There was so much in you of both the seriousness and the humor. I miss your ability to give of yourself - which was so great. The desire always to help - with such a large sincere heart. I miss your good smile. All of you is missed here, Yonatan.

Almost never does a day pass where I do not remember times we had together. And the sadness, the sadness is in the heart. I remember Shabbatot when we came to visit you, talking laughing, and finishing off a box of sugar flakes with milk. I remember when I had to learn to navigate and I traveled with you to the Goral Hills and you explained in detail the principles of navigation. I was so glad I had a friend like that, who could explain and give of himself with an open heart.

We are standing now above your grave. And we'll stand here many more times. And inside of me, Yonatan, I am still dazed and do not believe. Maybe it would be better to think that you didn't leave and you are still with us. Your body not, but what is you, yes - with us deep and strong. I want you to know it. Classmate, friend, I love you.

Elad Duneyevsky

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