NAMI (and other organizations)

Many friends of the family generously contributed in Omer's memory to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (especially the Houston Chapter).

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life of all whose lives are affected by these diseases.

NAMI Houston
P.O. Box 271266, Houston, Texas 77277-1266
Phone: (713) 729-1242; E-mail: ejohnson@hal-pc.org

Among the contributors to NAMI were

Judy and Richard Abrams
Kate Bell Elementary School
Lisa, Jay, Erin, and Josh Berlin
Ellen Brady
Sharon Brener
Arlene Brenner
Jodi Buck
Susan Cole
Karen Crouse
Diana De La Rosa
Jerri & Daniel DeLeon
Barbara & William Drell
Lenny Dubin Family
Sheryl Eskowitz
Marcia Freedman
Frances French-Neely
Barbara Goldstein
Jim Goggin
Iris Gutierrez
The Linda Gutmann Family
Deborah Hall
Maureen Huff
Evelyn Johnson
Liz, Ed, Zack & Zoe Kampf
Joe & Joy Kaplan
Marsha & Mark Klaff
Barbara & Jerrold Kluchin
Ilene & Donald Kramer
Debbie & Stephen Lapin and Family
Caroline LaVois and Diana Henigan
Rosemary Lee
Ellen & Stephen Leventhal & Family
Hattie Ligon
Pat Lowers
Carolyn Matthews and Sherry Stoger
Cathy McCleskey
Pat & Diane McLaughlan
Minerva Mendoza
Lance Menster
Nancy and Michael Moore
Lauren & Eric Nguyen
Ella Parikh
Nancy Pryzant Picus
Toni Pompa-Rodriguez
Cynthia, David, Sarah Portugal
Jean, Bill and Ginger Price
Marla Reiner
The Valerie Resh Family
Diann Resnick
Toby & Les Robbins
The Caren & Darrell Rosenthal Family
Steve, Ethy, Leanna, and Vanessa Ross
Gail Rovinsky
Diane Salvin
Barbara Schuleman
Signa Segrest
Cappy & Harry Selig
Lisa and Roy Sheinbaum
Cheryl, Dennis & Aaron Shequen
The Shlenker School Staff
The Special Education Department, West Central District Office - Houston ISD
The Wendy Starr Family
Nancy Strong & Family
Pam & Andrew Susman
Kim Valera
Freda Lynn Wadler
Cheryl Walters and Mary Anne Stowe
West District Office - Houston ISD
Yosef Workenh
Roz & Leonard Yaffie

Among contributors to other organizations were

Barbara & David Kielaszek (ACLU)
Nancy Nichols (ACLU)
Elizabeth Toba Pearlman (ACLU)
Signa Segrest (ACLU)
James & Deborah Stern (ACLU)

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