Mark's words from the memorial service for Omer


A part of me died with you but a part of you will live in me. For each of the many laughs we shared I will now have to pay. The corrosive worry that filled the last five years is lifting. In its place descends a stifling guilt, a sense of “if only,” and more than anything, that sudden, stomach-turning void that just shouldn’t be.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. You were my friend, you were my inspiration, and you were my exasperation. There were no bounds to your curiosity. Your interest in such a wide variety of topics seemed to match mine so fully. I recognized that irreverent humor and that sharp wit with a proud but secret smile. I identified with you and although, as you grew older, you probably would not have admitted it, I know you identified with me. You had an incredible softness, kindness, and generosity towards others at your very core. Your illness slowly but surely made you try harder and harder to cover it.

Omer, I had a tremendous belief in you. I had a tremendous love for you. I only wish you had been able to share it. I had so much admiration for your strength but it was a strength that probably prolonged the pain you felt. I know you feel no pain now but I do. I will hold on tight to the many, many points of light that now prick the awful darkness of your loss.


Copyright 2004-2008, Mark & Naomi Shenker. All rights reserved.