part of Ellie's words at the memorial service for Omer

When the police returned Omer’s possessions to my father, he found a letter and a picture in Omer’s wallet. Omer had kept them in his wallet for some four years.

The letter is from Ginger, who was a very close and true friend.

Unfortunately, Ginger was not able to be here today. When we called her, to ask permission to read from the letter, she replied that she would be honored.

"If I had to pick one thing to describe you, one identity, I’d call you moonlight. Now don’t you dare start laughing or stop reading, I have my reasons all of which I’m going to ask you to hear out. And please, please understand that I mean with every iota of feeling I have. You are a wonderful human being and I intend to tell you all about it whether you like it or not.

Quality number 1 – radiates a pure kind wise aura perceived by all but unreachable save to the very few who it allows truly to see.

You’re so…good, as a human being, a friend, a protector, everything. I see now you put your whole heart into dealing with myself and others. I see how much you want to be there and it’s just beautiful. In spite of all you can say sometimes I’m just a fragile person and I need an absolution to cling to. Honestly Omer I’ve never had someone I trusted so completely, believed in so much, or loved in quite the way I love you. Thank you so very, very much for giving me the chance to know who you really are. I’ve honestly never felt so much emotion connected with another human being… I’m still marveling at it.

Quality number 2 – ability to be dark and complex but bright and open all at once

I have absolutely zero idea just how you accomplish this one. In spite of what you might think or say to me, you have an integral natural brilliance that never ceases to amaze and bewilder me. Some days I’d give anything to be able to understand all the things going through your head and to see the way you feel things, yet another reason I love you. You’re incredibly smart, you’re funny, and you’re not too damned conceited about it. You put a hell of a lot of pressure on yourself obviously, but whether your GPAs up there doesn’t dictate the depth of your thoughts. I love you so much, it kills me when you can’t see the qualities in yourself that I see.

Ah, I give up. I can’t go and try to logically justify each and every point which defines the way I see you. There are too many of them and each one way too complex. You’re the most wonderful friend I have, the most amazing person I have ever met in so damn many ways. You were so much more eloquent than I was about this, I’m failing miserably. You’ve been so strong to do what you’ve done, even when you know you’ve slipped you’re never afraid to look forward. Well, perhaps afraid, but you do it anyway. I love you so deeply, I hope one of these days you’ll see it, take a hint, and begin really loving yourself. Whatever happens in all this mess you’ll always have you and you’ll always have me. Be happy man, life is fun.

Love, Ging"

Copyright 2004-2008, Mark & Naomi Shenker. All rights reserved.